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Areas Social action Social Welfare Amid health crisis, Formentera pledges to care for most vulnerable

Amid health crisis, Formentera pledges to care for most vulnerable

foto 2020 serveis socials2The Consell de Formentera reports that, amid the recently declared state of alarm in view of the health crisis, the Municipal Social Services Centre (CMSS) has adopted measures to guarantee the safety of the island’s most vulnerable populations, particularly seniors with limited autonomy. Since the day of the declaration, department professionals have been working to ensure the continuity of care and basic social assistance for not only at-risk individuals and families, but the island as a collective.

In accordance with the local decree on work organisation and minimum services, the following CMSS-related minimum services will hereby be guaranteed:
-At-home care
-Support for victims of gender violence
-Support for at-risk minors
-Mortuary services

In coordination with an array of stakeholders, CMSS is working to retool services so basic social support can be maintained while modulating aspects like type, degree and frequency. Case-by-case reviews have been performed to see how best to offer needed support to islanders, be they beneficiaries of at-home care, recipients of care at the adult day centre, or others, and whether the support is in personal hygiene, food and medication delivery or otherwise.

For Formentera at large, CMSS is also giving families and individual islanders emergency benefits to help cover basic needs like food and personal hygiene and cleaning products. Islanders can call CMSS’s 24-hour emergency hotline for help and resources in cases of gender violence.

CMSS is already in touch with most at-risk persons and families on the island, and is asking not just agencies and services such as law enforcement and healthcare providers but the island as a whole to pass along our contact information to anyone, particularly the elderly, in need of support.

The entire CMSS staff is available or on call to guarantee minimum services even as ministry recommendations and instructions to ensure the safety of staff and islanders are respected. CMSS applauds the efforts of staff and the responsibility they have demonstrated in recent days.

Lastly, with the exception of minimum services, in-person visits at CMSS have been temporarily suspended and support is only available over the phone or by email.

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20 March 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera




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